Baicor® pledges to provide products that excel in effectiveness and quality. Baicor® is continuously improving products and developing new ones that incorporate natural components for increased uptake, chelation, and utilization. Continuous research incorporates the use of new proprietary agents that have shown to be scientific breakthroughs in enhancing plant nutrition. Proprietary agents may include natural growth promoting components, mixtures of organic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, extracts from plants and micro-organisms, proponents of humic acid and folic acid, agents to alleviate crop stress (chemical damage, frost, heat drought).

Baicor® products are chelated and complexed from organic and amino acids found naturally in plants and in the soil. These are true chelates with a ring structure and a high stability constant (they do not fall out or precipitate when mixed with phosphate or one another). This is not true of many other products which do not remain in solution when mixed together and/or with phosphate, thus tying up the nutrients that are needed in the first place. Baicor® Chelates and/or Complexes contain “facilitators” which aid in penetration into plant cells, effective translocation to sites of action and providing all or most of the nutrients needed by plants. All Baicor® products are non-phytotoxic when used as directed. Baicor® products contain an organic base, consisting of organic compounds which function metabolically and are found naturally in the plant.

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