About Us

With over 40 years farming experience, WRT, a California family-run company, has been helping farmers restore life to the soil, crops, and livestock and nutrition to the food. WRT provides customized, effective, and sustainable solutions and quality, tested products that improve plant and human health and foster true environmental stewardship.

“My team and I have been helping solve farm and livestock problems with trusted programs that get results for many years.”

John Witzke | Farmer, Founder WRT



John Witzke | Founder of WRT, has been farming for over 30 years, successfully growing almonds, walnuts, peaches, and grapes. John’s family also owned a well-known and trusted agricultural laboratory for 20 years, thereby increasing his familiarity with the issues facing farmers throughout the year and researching effective solutions to address these challenges. John has developed customized strategies and sound, sustainable solutions to enhance crop management programs that help to increase quality and yields by promoting soil and plant health as well as decreasing costs for fertilizers.

Joseph Witzke | Certified Crop Advisor, Joseph Witzke, advises growers and farmers about the current agronomic practices and standard and helps to implement the customized strategies developed by his father, John. Joseph received his degree in Biological Sciences from CSU Stanislaus, and specializes in Nutrient Management, Water and Soil Management and Integrated Pest management.

Sara Witzke | A graduate of CSU Stanislaus with a degree in Agriculture, Sara is the WRT Office and Inventory Manager, ensuring  a prompt and efficient response to all client needs and order fulfillment and delivery.

Silvano DeLuna | A graduate of Fresno State with a B.S. in Plant Science Crop Production, Silvano is the Fresno region sales representative. With a strong Agriculture background and a certified PCA, Silvano is dedicated to improving crop quality and production by providing solution based alternatives and addressing limiting factors using superior products and employing sound agronomic practices.

The mission of WRT is to work with fellow farmers to develop customized strategies and sound, sustainable solutions based in scientific analysis of your farm and farm animals’ conditions to help you remove the barriers to high quality, consistent, sustainable crops and livestock, meeting growing consumer demands while preserving the health of the land and animals, thereby restoring life.