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Baicor, L.C.


CALCIUM CHELATE 5.0% is chelated with organic and amino acids. It has a stability constant high enough to be mixed with phosphorus and remain in true solution. The mixture of organic and amino acids, and selected carbohydrates facilitate its entry into the plant and utilization when used as a foliar or in the soil. This product is readily absorbed by the plant, translocated to various tissues and metabolized for optimum plant growth and development. Calcium is taken up through the root tips in the soil. In times of calcium demand the plant may not be able to satisfy its needs by root uptake. This results in internal brown spot for potatoes, blossom end rot in tomatoes, etc. Foliar addition of calcium assures adequate nutrients for membranes, cell wall development and plant structure.

Benefits of CALCIUM CHELATE 5.0%

  • Essential for cell wall formation, structure, and development, necessary for development of firm fruit and vegetables.
  • Regulates nutrient uptake by roots throughout the entire plant, helps grain and seed development.
  • Essential for early root growth, new root growth and enhances pollen germination.
  • Necessary for protein and sugar transfer throughout the plant.
  • Essential for stronger cell walls – helps resist disease and stress conditions.

Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Death of growing parts (terminal buds & root tips), poor root development, yellowing of tissue, brittleness of leaf and stem tissue, fruit and vegetable disorders, premature shedding of blossoms and buds.
  • The apical (new growth) of plants (roots, leaves and buds) is stunted and even die back of new growth. Abnormalities such as blossom end rot of tomato fruit, loss of cellular structure in apples (bitter-pit) and hollow

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