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Baicor, L.C.


Foliar Friend™ (Surfactant And Soil Penetrant) OMRI pH: 4.5

Foliar Friend™ is a non-ionic organic surfactant, wetting agent and penetrant designed to enhance the spreadability and performance of all foliar applied products. Foliar Friend™ may also be applied on problem soils to assist in penetration of water.

Products for organic use are specially formulated with the concerned grower in mind. Based on years of research and application, Baicor® products can provide the results that certified growers have come to trust. Baicor® products may be applied to the soil or in irrigation water in addition to foliar applications.

Products for organic use contain a series of selected natural organic compounds which chelate or complex nutrients and keep them in functional form until the plant utilizes them. This protects the nutrients from being tied-up within the plant or precipitation by sulfates, silicates and phosphates. The organic base of all Baicor® products is used as a food source by both plants and micro-organisms and is completely biodegradable thus reducing ground water contamination.

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