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Baicor, L.C.


MICRO-PLENTY™ 2-0-1 (OMRI) pH: 0.9
(2% Fe, 2% Zn, 2% Mn, 0.1% B, 0.1% Ca)

It is an excellent general purpose foliar/soil product when more than one nutrient is deficient. In addition to nitrogen and potassium, Micro-Plenty™ has all the essential micronutrients in one package.

Products for organic use are specially formulated with the concerned grower in mind. Based on years of research and application, Baicor® products can provide the results that certified growers have come to trust. Baicor® products may be applied to the soil or in irrigation water in addition to foliar applications.

Products for organic use contain a series of selected natural organic compounds which chelate or complex nutrients and keep them in functional form until the plant utilizes them. This protects the nutrients from being tied-up within the plant or precipitation by sulfates, silicates and phosphates. The organic base of all Baicor® products is used as a food source by both plants and micro-organisms and is completely biodegradable thus reducing ground water contamination.

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