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Baicor, L.C.


Silicon is an essential mineral element for some plants and is beneficial for all higher plants. It can function as an essential trace element in metabolic roles and also accumulate in large quantities in certain tissues, cells and cellular components to enhance physical attributes of plants. Silicon may provide mechanical protection in the epidermal root cells acting as a barrier against pathogen and parasitic invasion. Silicon associates with calcium and pectin in the intercellular walls spaces in the roots providing rigidity of leaves improving photosynthetic activity. It reinforces the walls of the vessel cells in the xylem, preventing compression under conditions of high transpiration thus improving sap circulation. Silicon has important roles in the formation of new leaves, pollination, fruit formation and fruit storage. Baicor Silicon 7% has added natural components including amino acids and Ascophyllum nodosum enhancing uptake, translocation and effectiveness. It also provides elicitor and positive growth regulation.

Physical Action:

  • Reduced water loss due to cuticular process
  • Resistance to fungal attack
  • Increased resistance to lodging and pest
  • Structure rigidity

Metabolic & Physiological Roles:

  • Elicitor action against stresses
  • Enzyme-Silicon complexes that enhance photosynthetic and respiratory processes
  • Leaf formation
  • Pollination and fruit set
  • Increased fruit quality and storage
  • Reduces leaching of phosphorus in sandy soil
  • Plant tolerance in high levels of Mn and Fe

Silicon (SI) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.0%

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